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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rere Bear Goes on a Student Exchange - and Welcome Alfie the Elephant

Love Letters


Move It

We did Move It yesterday and we can do forward rolls and we do the cobwebs.
By Deana

I like to Move it, I like to Move It, Move It,
By Simon

I like Move It because we get to do tricks and I love Move It and we do forward rolls and we go under the Move It Web.

By Emily

View from the Top Pictures

View From the Top

We are going up the mountain with the whole school. It will be fun.
By Tamsin

When we go up the mountain it is going to be fun. My mum is comning.
By Morghan

I went up a mountain today.
The whole school is going up the mountain to see a Maori mountain.
By Noah

We went up the mountain.
By Josh

I went up the hill and it was fun and we had to take a snack and it needed to be healthy. We could see almost all over the lake and it was fun.
By Emily

We are going up the mountain.
By Simon

We went up the mountain yesterday and at the mountain the whole class came.
By Deana

I am going to go up the mountain. We are going to have to bring a drink and food and my Mum is comin and my brother is coming and it will be fun.
By Hollie

We are going to walk up the mountain today and I am excited and my Mum came and I can’t wait.
By Amy

Today we are going up the mountain and the hill is a Maori mountain.

By Archie

Amy's Rabbit Tiffany Visits Room 1

Monday, August 24, 2015

Measuring in Maths

Term 2 Disco



I went to a stage. I sang Ka Mate Ka Mate Korua korua
By Dylan

I went to Kapa Haka and we sang Hoki Hoki for the parents. We are getting better at Kapa Haka.
By Madison

I didn’t go to Kapa Haka because I was sick.
By Deana

I went to Kapa Haka to sing Kapa Haka songs. 
By Tamsin

Today I am going to the hall.
By Hollie

My mum is coming to Kapa Haka and Granny.
By Morghan

I went to the Kapa Haka festival. The girls wear a skirt and the boys wear a maro and the girls wear a singlet. A black singlet. My Dad couldn’t come because he had to go to work.
By Sydnie

I went to Kapa Haka and we sang Hoki Hoki and in the dance me and Tui’s pois hit together and the boys wear bare chests and the girls wear skirts and bodices.
By Abbie

I sang Tihei Mauri Ora and Hoki Hoki and I like Kapa Haka and I was in Room 4 line and the girls wore a skirt and a tshirt and the boys wore bare chests and a maro and pois and headbands.
By Amy

I went to the Kapa Haka festival and I sang and the boys wore a bare chest and the girls wore beautiful singlets and skirts. I sang Tihei Mauri Ora and KaMate KaMate Koru and I sang Hoki Hoki.
By Bree

I went to Kapa Haka and we did the actions and we sang and we did a pukana after that.  After that we watched the big kids on the stage.
By Tui

Jessie is on the stage and these are plants.
By Simon

I went to Kapa Haka festival.
By Jessie

I went to Kapa Haka and my Mum was there and we sung the haka. We wore uniforms and they were called maros.
By Jay

I went to the Kapa Haka festival. I loved it. I was proud of myself. My Mum was proud of myself and it was fun.
By Mac

I got to Kapa Haka. We wore Kapa Haka clothes.
By Noah



I played in the leaves and I found some pretty colours.
By Jay

I went to jump in the leaves.
By Hollie

My four leaves are pretty colours and it was fun and some leaves had spots and it was windy.
By Emily

My leaves are green.
By Tamsin

I got covered in leaves. Trent covered me in leaves. It was really fun to me and Hollie.
By Bree

I saw yellow and brown and red and green and I love leaves.
By Amy
I went out in the leaves.
By Deana-Lee

I am up in the leaves.
By Madison

Today at school I went outside and we saw lots of leaves. We found leaves and my favourite leaf was a yellow and with spots and I like my leaves.
By Abbie

The leaves are brown and red and yellow. I got to throw the leaves.
By Noah

My favourite leaf is all of different colours. They are red and orange.

By Sydnie

Safety Around Dogs with Amanda and Gus

MARCH 2015

Amanda came to school with her dog.

Amanda came to our school and she taught us what dog safety. I listened.

Amanda came to the school and I know Amanda and she comes to my house and I come to her house.

I saw Amanda and we played a game.

I learned about Amandas dog.

I went to listen to Amanda.

Gus and Amanda teached room 1.

We saw Amanda training her dog.

I liked Amanda because she taught us about Dog Safety like lying like a log and stand like a tree.

Amanda teached us

Amanda taught about dogs and showed us some tricks.


I play a game with  Gus the dog.

Safety Around Dogs with Amanda and Gus