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Sunday, November 1, 2015


The All Blacks won the rugby world cup. I am really proud. I wish I was a rugby player and win the rugby world cup.  I’d be very proud of myself.

By Tamsin

The All Blacks won the rugby world cup and we will get a lot of rugby stuff and I am happy that the All Blacks won the cup.
By Amy

We are the world champions and we won the cup for 8 years. I am excited so much.
By Tui

The All Blacks won the rugby world cup and we’ll have it for four months and Richie McCaw and the All Blacks are coming to New Zealand and I was proud of the All Blacks.
By Emily

The All Blacks won the world cup which was awesome.
By Josh

I watched the rugby.

By Zion

I watched the All Blacks.
By Kessidra

Zion's Dad's Honey Truck

Zion's dad came to school with his truck. We had a photo. It was very very much fun and then we went back to class. 
by Josh

Visit to the Dental Caravan

Riley's Rabbit

Week 3

Yet another busy week in Room 1. Riley and Jessie brought in Riley's pet rabbit to visit. Zion's Dad stopped by with his honey truck and we saw all the hives on the back.  We carried on practicing our athletics skills, high jump, long jump, vortex throwing, relay races and sprint races. We are getting really good with our moves in Folk Dancing and Line Dancing, with a few practices taking place. Then on Friday we had BLACK OUT DAY to support THE ALL BLACKS in their World Cup Final. Also on Friday we had Wheels Day - where we all brought along our bikes, skateboards or scooters and of course our protective gear and rode around the courts and the field. And then Fay and some senior helpers face painted our faces on Friday afternoon. What a fun week.

And lots of talking and writing and reading about these events too.