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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wingspan Recounts

I held the falcon.
By Jasmyn

The falcon flew and I held the falcon. It was flying and it was heavy and it flew off my hand and it was eating.
By Dante

We went to Wingspan and I got to hold a falcon on my hand. It flew. It was fun and we went to Rainbow Springs and we went on the Big Splash.
By Kaya

I held a falcon. It was very heavy. Kaya held a falcon and Jasmyn and Dante.
By Victoria

The falcon flew and it went to my Mums house. We saw a dinosaur. 
By Waimarie

Rainbow Springs Recounts

I went down the Big Splash. I was holding on to the handle. I saw the dinosaur and I saw a bird and I saw a flying bird
By Skye

When it was the trip I went down the waterfall. 
By Syrie

I went to Rainbow Springs
By Daniel

I liked it. It was fun. The dinosaur and the tree fell down on us then we went down.
By Raukura

Athletics Recounts

When it was Athletics we played games and we did High Jumps and Hulme won.
By Jennica

I went to Athletics. I came first in High Jump in the Athletics and Trent won.
By XRria