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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our Class Lamb - No Name Yet!!


Spring in Room 1

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This week we have been lucky enough to have some Room 4 people visit us and share their speeches with our class. The seniors have a speech competition which they have been preparing for.

We loved hearing the speeches and lots of the people in our class decided to write and present their own speeches. We wrote them on cue cards, which we numbered and we introduced our speeches and we wrote a conclusion. Parents - ask your children to present them to you. Well done - more awesome learning from Room 1.

Speech writing and presenting by Room 1

I am going to tell you about my Dad. He got a game on his phone and it is a Dora game and Dora babysits her little sister and her little brother. And that is a funny game
And thank you for listening to my speech.
By Madison

Good afternoon Room 1 I am going to tell you about how to take care of butterflies. You need to leave them alone and make sure nobody touches them. Butterflies do not like birds and I love butterflies and I love kittens and butterflies. Thank you for listening to my speech.
By Emily

Today I am going to tell you about Minecraft. They build stuff on Minecraft and I have it on my ipad and some people have a push up and it was Simon and Josh. And Josh landed in the blackberry bush.
By Noah

I am going to tell you about my lamb. Jessie is coming to stay and I am going to town and Jessie is going to look after my lamb. My lamb is special to me and today Jessie brought his lamb too.
By Noah

Me and my sister went on the playground outside at school.
By Kessidra

Today I am going to tell you about my favourite sport – Rugby and Richie McCaw is my favourite player and I play rugby. I might play like him.
By Dylan

This is a speech about Rugby. I love rugby because you get to kick a ball so do the other people. And some people fall over and it is not nice. Thank you for listening to my speech.
By Amy

Good afternoon class I am going to tell you about Tui eggs. They come out at summer and they have a little white will under their chest and they are pretty green, I like tui birds and they come out on my birthday and bumble bees and butterflies come out too.
By Tui

Me and Joshua is going to Tylers birthday I cant wait until me and Joshua go to Tylers birthday. It is going to be exciting. I am going to give her a hug kiss hug. Joshua too. Happy birthday Tyler. I love you so much Tyler. You are …………….. my best Tyler but thank you for inviting me. Its my speech and that’s all thank you. You are pretty Tyler. Do you know what her big sisters name and that’s all thank you.
By Hollie

I am going to tell you about my game. My game is a favourite game it is the robot game.
By Simon

Today I am going to tell you about your brain. Cerebellum she helps you balance and dance. Cerebral Cortex – he is the most important person in your brain. Brainstem – he builds the new part of your brain and Hippocampus she helps you learn.   That’s all thank you.
By Tui

Monday, September 7, 2015

Seniors Reading to Room 1

Some of our senior students have been writing and making books to read to our class.
Last week one of our senior girls shared her book about a Birthday Party with us.  We enjoyed the book and loved hearing it being read by its author.

Action Stations

In Room 1 we do Action Stations two afternoons a week. We choose from a range of activities (some depend on the weather) and put these on the board. Then we choose names from the bag and when your name is drawn out you can choose which activity you would like to do. We have an idea to focus on while we are doing our activities - these ideas are based on the key competencies - things like who did you see caring today? or who helped you to learn something new today? or what new things did you try at your activity today?  One of our favourite activities is Cardboard boxes where we make creations from cardboard boxes, using scissors and selotape. Only 3 people can go on an activity at a time and if there are already 3 people on, you have to negotiate with them to see if they would like to swap activities or not. People don't have to change and you soon learn to negotiate, use your manners and become patient.

Action stations are very popular in Room 1.

Week 7 Term 3

This week in Room 1 we have been learning about germs.  We know we should wash our hands with soap, we should flush and wash, we should wash our hands before we eat and we can use hand sanitiser from on the bench.

Some of our writers say this about germs:

Germs live everywhere and if you don’t wash your hands you will get sick and I don’t like it when I get sick and I only like it when germs are nice and I only like it when I have good times.
By Amy

Before when you have lunch you have to wash your hands
By Archie

We have also been talking about getting some pet lambs and calves and looking after them ready for Calf and Lamb Day on October 16th:

Before I go to school I need to feed my lamb with warm milk with a bottle. I only feed her at morning and night too with warm milk I am so much. It is easy I am proud of her so much Mum feeds her at lunchtime. I hope she is good when our mum feeds her. I love her.
By Hollie

We made Fathers Day cards and wrote about why our Dads are special and what they do for us.
We hope all the Dads enjoyed getting their cards.

My Dad is fun and he takes me to rugby. He helps my Mum and my Dad is cool.  

I am going to get my Dad some gumboots.

My Dad is awesome because he helps me build stuff with him and dig with him.

I love my Dad because he helps me on my bike and he helps me build a secret hideout and he makes strawberry cakes for me and he is my favourite Dad.

My Dad takes turns at reading stories to me. I love stories because they are fun. 

I like my Dad because he milks the cows for me. I like my Dad also because he reads me a bedtime story at bedtime.

I hope my Dad likes my card. I love my Dad.