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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Making Paper Helicopters

Today we have been making paper helicopters. Here we are hard at work cutting, folding and helping each other.

Paper Helicopters

Today in class we folded and cut and helped each other to make paper helicopters.  Then we went out to the highest place on the playground to test fly them!

Great homeworkers ... Paper Dart Makers and Flyers

Thanks to these children for making some fabulous paper darts for homework and bringing them to share with the class.  Thanks to the families who helped with these as well.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Champion Pets from Room 1

Vege Creations and Masks

Pet Day Projects

Pet Day Indoor Activities

Pet Day Writing

Pet Day 2013
I won lots of ribbons.
By Danny

When it was pet day I held the lamb, Kaya’s lamb. Torz let me pat Torz’s calf. It was fun. Into a pets and it was          because she dressed up her lamb and her too and Torz        .
By Dante

I brang a lamb. Its name is Lightning. I was a champion. I won three trophies, four ribbons, two first ribbons that were like scarves. I was in first place two times. My two big medals the teacher is going to give to the shop to get engraved my name on. I have to give it back on the next pet day.
By Jake

At Pet Day I did a project about my kitty. I love my kitty.
By Jasmyn

Yesterday was Pet Day. I made a vegetable creation.  It was a walrus. It was made of potatoes and carrots. Then I was going to flower arranging. I got leaves then I got red flowers, then I got green flowers. Then we made masks. I got a calf. Then we had lunch. Liam bought me and him a juicy, 2 hot dogs and juice. Pet Day is awesome.
By Jayden

Yesterday when it was Pet Day Kaya let me pat her lamb. Her lamb was soft and I got to pat the other lambs and calves.
By Jennica

On Pet Day Jake won 3 trophies and 4 ribbons and a hat and it was pretty cool and Jake dressed his lamb as a pirate. It was walking on 2 legs. Jake was the winner and altogether.
By Joshua

On Pet Day I got three ribbons. Two were second and one was third. I was number one. It was my first day at school Pet Day. I dressed my lamb up as a princess. It was fun. I love my lamb. I’m going to graduation (group) day. There was only my lamb. I was the only grey and white and black.  My lamb was a perfect lamb. Everybody loved my lamb. Torz was drssed up as a hula girl.  It was fun.
By Kaya

Yesterday it was Pet Day. I got a ribbon for my project. It was second place. I liked my ribbon. It was blue. My favourite activity was vegetable creations. I made a stingray. I made it out of potatoes, raisins and toothpicks. My stingray had one potato, two raisins and five toothpicks. We also did flower arrangements and animal masks. It was a calf. I used lots of kinds of plants on my flower arrangement. I did not bring a pet but I like pet day.
By Liam

On Pet Day I made a animal mask. We had to colour the plate in and we had to cut and glue them on first. We had to put the eyes on then we put on the mouth then we put the horns on then the hair on then we put on the eyes when we had finished we went out.
By Max

On Pet Day I won  3 ribbons. I did not get a lamb or a calf. I done the flowers the vegetable creations and the mask. Jake was on two lambs. He was dressed as a pirate. My sister was there.
By Quinn

I liked Pet Day very much and they got dressed up and it was fun and I patted the lamb and Mum helped me.
By Raukura

Yesterday it was Pet Day. There were 3 things you could do, flower arrangement and animal masks, vegetable arrangements and for the pets there is a blue thing that you could lead your pets in with seats for your adults to sit on and watch. I felt nervous and happy. It was fun too.
By Rivah-Jayne

It was Pet Day. I saw a lamb dressed up in a clown. Also I saw calves dressed up. It was walking. Everybody helped…………  I watched. It was fun. I went down the field. My Mum came to Pet day.
By Skye

At Pet Day I went to get a sausage from the sausage people.
By Syrie

On Pet Day I went to Pet Day and when we got to Pet Day and when we did Pet Day I got first, second and third and when we got to the corner we needed to count to three and go to the corner we needed to count and Kaya and Jake and Sienna and Dan and that got ribbons and we got to take the lead off my lamb and we needed to count and we needed to run back and needed to come in the…………
By Te Raiwa

On Pet Day I made a lamb poking its head out of the ferns and flower creations. First you put plants on the side and flowers on the top and a lovely plant in the middle and I made a mask. It was a calf mask and I cut it out and put glue and glitter and my Dad came at lunch. We looked at the dressed animals and my mum came and I had to go home early.
By Tristan

I got a calf and it is black and white and I named it BeeBee. I got it.
By Victoria

On Pet Day I went to go to pat lambs and I went to see the calves. After I went back to class I had to wait for my vegetables.
By Waimarie

I got a flower and I made a dog out of vegetables.

By XRria

Lending a helping hand .... not doing the work for people but showing them how ...

And more darts ....

More dart flying

And the Flying...

Folding and folding and helping and folding